Other Fowl

Raising chickens is awesome, but what about their other feathered cousins? Learn how to raise other fantastic birds, including: Turkeys, Ducks, Quail, Geese, and others.

Ducks are wonderful animals, They are great egg layers, meat birds and companions. Although they may seem easy to care for, there is more to ducks than meets the eye.
Keeping Pigeons: People keep pigeons for many different reasons such as racing/homing, breeding for shape and colors, fancy flying, pets or meat, so there are now hundreds of pigeon breeds...
In October 2014 I got a pair of society finches, the male (Tweety Bird or TB) loved building and rebuilding the nest for his mate (named R). She would lay a clutch of eggs and every time...
Peafowl have been around since the beginning of time. Did you know they’ve been around since the 5th day of creation!
What is angel wing, what causes it and how to manage it.
Basic turkey questions and answers.
If no medicine is at hand, cayenne pepper can be used to treat coccidiosis in turkeys.
Introduction to peafowl. The basics, caring for peafowl, genetics and more.
A fairly common problem with growing ducklings and goslings is foot and leg problems, caused by incorrect feeding, or more specifically, lack of usable Niacin (B-vitamin) their diet.
The first step of raising ducks and/or geese is to decide what you are raising them for. Certain breeds of ducks and geese are bred for certain reasons.
We couldn’t just leave them there. “It is Earth Day, after all,” I shrugged and that set us in motion.
These are my Yellow Golden Pheasants and in the market for more.

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