Above: Splash Marans Cockerel # 1. This one has found a new home with psycoforsilkies. Hated to let this one go, he's been great with my pullets. Just not enough room for all the projects I had planned.
All my Splash Marans were hatched out of eggs from BYC member crfarm. These are my favorites!!!!!

Below: Splash Marans Cockerel # 2 & Pullets @ 10 weeks.


Fluffy/Silkied Ameraucana Project!

January 25, 2012 our 4 new Ameraucana arrived from BYC member alicefelldown. I am very excited to join this project!

Photos below: Blue Ameraucana that I hatched in 2011.
Eggs shipped from BYC member rockinpaints.