hi im new to chickens i love anaimls,and well i cant spell. the chicken buisseness i won't be coming headfirst because my mother use to raise chickens as a child.Where i live there are well over a 500 dozon cats a good bit of dogs oh and a ratcoon once and a while.I'm about to get a couple of chickens maybe next year because i been having way to many setback sadly *tear tear*. But what i plan on getting this year is in real world 2million fish (or in my world a few plus some more) three girl goats and one male goat a few dozen rabbits and if i can save enghoht on Get-A-Horse-Oh-Two/Three/Or a Dozonzs-Fund
and hopeful a few silkies (if i spelled that right) and call them rare parcot breed called You-Ani't-Getting-IT-Hu