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By cdnley · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. cdnley
    I am incubating the 7 eggs we got from the male Rouen and Female Blue Swedish combo. This was her first egg laying experience so I am not sure how good the outcome will be. I have candled the eggs at day 7 and day 10 and can only see one that has visible veins. There are 3 that I incubated later so I will check them a bit later to see if there is any veins.
    So far I have been pretty consistent with humidity...I can`t seem to get it over 50% though. The temperature has been harder to control as it fluctuates in the day and the night depending on the sun. I am trying as much as I can especially with my homemade incubator. I just hope that I can hatch a healthy baby duck!

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