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R.Dean Owner- Glen Rock, Pa. 17327
RIP Fiest and friend!

yeah, we are finally getting eggs. Still waiting for the blue and green ones but are getting a few brown ones daily now.
This is the first time I ordered chicks by mail. They alll arrived safely, all 14, but one didn't make it before we got the heat lamp set up. They really like it warm.
4 Months later all my chickens are a nice size and eating well! I love the variety of colors. Got my first green egg today. Now I have 2 shades of brown, green and a small white one which I think should be turning blue soon!
December 30,2011 2011-12-30
All chickens have been great egg layers until 2 of them started flying out of their playpen area. I lost my first 2 chickens to
hawks the beginning of December. One was named Fiest because she had guts and would run out whenever cars pulled up into the driveway looking for food. One day I was sitting in my car looking through papers and she hopped right in! Brave, thus was her downfall she wandered out to far from safety and I found her with just the talon marks in her and lots of feathers everywhere. I know it was a matter of time before the other escapee got caught too. Everything doing well after those 2 until the end of the month when the hawk flew right into the pen and nailed another one of them but could not fly out with it so left it smashed in front of the doorway where the others got away! I am not letting them out until I put fishing line across the whole area like they do in Florida to keep the seagulls out of the pools. It is supposed to be hard for them to see and hopefully the hawks will hit the line and bounce off and scare them enough not to come back!!!!