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By chance&augie · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. chance&augie
    Chance and Augie, Button Quails, Duke and Duchess of Staffordshire
    Chance and Augie came from two different breeders in the Greater Houston area. Chance is a silver button and Augie is brownish "classic" colored hen. Augie has been laying one egg a day. Chance has been offering Augie all the mealworms given to them. They are having "Flock Raiser" feed and finch seeds, and ground up egg shells. Mealworms are for dessert.
    6/29/2011: Augie tried to sit on her 9 eggs, but gave up after 5 minutes. Hope she will try again.
    6/30/2011: Eggie #10. Could she have way too many eggs to sit on?

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