My name is Glenda and I live in Indiana. I have pretty much been a hoosier my whole life....minus the 11 years I lived in Illinois. Since I was a child I had a love for animals, but I never thought I would ever raise chickens. In June my daughter was allowed to bring home two chicks from a school I thought why not! This is something my parents would never have let me do. One ended up being a rooster so I found him a home and bought a EE from a local farmer to keep my other pullet company. Below is a picture of my daughter with the rooster (as a chick) on her shoulder. When we get our new coop I will post pictures of that too.

Our goal for this coming year is to sell our house and move to the country. We need a couple acres with a house so I can have my chicken farm and my husband can buy an old tractor. Having land is his excuse to buy a tractor...I think he really wants to be a farmer!