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Me, Claudia, with 6 month Serama cockeral (aren't they tiny!)



A little white Silkie chick...

I suppose it was around 1980 that I begged my Daddy for a trio of mutt chickens from a man who lived in the back woods of Alabama named Woodroe Wilson. I brought them home and there was never a fancy waterer, feeder, nest boxes, or a coop. Not even a book to learn with. The birds roosted in the pines behind our house and layed their eggs in a broken down bus. Momma hated them and Daddy did keep me some cracked corn for me to throw at them every day before and after school. (I was the type of girl that had to wipe her shoes off in the grass before running to catch the bus for school.) Those chickens taught me alot. Maybe I couldn't talk genetics, or incubators, or anything about the breeds in the U.K. but I spent every afternoon and whole summers learning from those mutt chickens.
Almost 30 years later, I am still crazy about poultry. I now have a real hen house , real purchased chicken feeders and waterers, and the wide world web that gives me the opportunity to connect with people just like you. I have expanded my love of poultry to the hobby of exhibiting at ABA sanctioned Shows. Ol' chickens.....I still think the best part of owning them is sitting down every afternoon and watching, I share this love with my own children.


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Biosecurity Rule #1: Sorry, quarantine for 30 days and handwashing is not enough. There are those chickens that are carriers that never show a symptom. To begin with you must never, ever bring in a chicken from the outside unless you have a quarantine pen very far away from your flock. Wash hands, change shoes to avoid contamination. Quarantine for 30 days, the shock of the move will stress the birds enough to show any hidden disease lurking under cover, then put a sacrificial bird in with them after 30 days...wait two more weeks and see if the bird gets sick, if not then you can use the new birds.

  • Silkies - White, Blue, Black, Splash, and Porcelain

    • Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons
    • Heritage RIR
    • Heritage Delaware