This is Chateau Pollo. It is really just a very basic stick built design. It is 4' x 8' and houses 7 chickens, that free range in a 1/3 acre backyard.
The walls are 2x4 on 16" centers etc. A lot of my wood came from old shipping crates. Stuff that was typically thrown away. The foundation are 2 x 12s that came from shipping material also. They sit on sit on frame blocks from a big box store. The windows are very inexpensive sliders and vents. The exterior siding is a product called "Smart Panel" that I got at another big box store. It had very good reviews for durability. Safety and comfort of our flock is very important. We have heavy duty wire on the outside of the windows and double lathching locks on the doors.
The back of the coop I used recycled fence boards. As I repair my fence I used the old boards to sheath in the back of the coop.
The walls are nailed but they are fitted to the deck/foundation with exterior deck screws. I wanted to be able to repair and replace parts if and when they need it. The interior walls, also scrap plywood, are insulated.
The coop was situated to take advantage of exposure and weather. During the summer it is very shady and relatively cool for LA (lower Alabama). During the winter the angle of the sun will hit it differently to warm it during the day.
The interior floor is made of scrap plywood with remnant linoleum. This is covered with pine shaving. The floor is made up of 3 equally sized panels that can be removed for cleaning and sanitizing.
The roof (not shown) is scrap decking with asphalt shingles. There is a fan for cooling and circulation, as well as a light and a small radio. The radio is tuned to a local NPR station for music and information. Support your local stations please.
The nest boxes open for easy access.
I am in the process of designing a new structure to optimize use of material so that, dimensionally, waste is reduced. My initial coop if I decide to change it could be used as a tool storage building.