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By chattykathi3 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. chattykathi3
    Hi I am very new to this urban chicken thing. My husband and I built our adorable chicken coop. He says nothing is to good for his girls. We started out with 3 olive eggers but 2 turned out to be roosters which we cannot have in the city limits. We traded out to of them for 2 white leghorns, they were not near as cute as my first 2 but they have adjusted nicely. two weeks ago we got our newest addition Curly Sue, she is a 2 month old frizzel, which was a little difficult integrating her into the flock, but we are doing much better now. Three days ago we got our first egg..woo hoo. We now have 3 in the fridge and r still amazed that one of them is laying. Getting the coop ready for winter has been interesting for we didnt wire it for electricity, but lucky for us our neightbor is an electrician so we are enlisting his help. We are so enjoying the girls they are so much fun.

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