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Chazschikncoops Page

  1. ChazsChikNCoop
    ~Chaz's Chicken Coop~
    Now Specializing in Silkies!

    I am working on bringing together all the people out there who share my love for chickens. I am building my flock of several different quality breeds of Bantams. Although I have raised many standard breeds, my recent move to the city has introduced me to the wonderful world of Banty's. Whether you are new to poultry or an expert you will enjoy this group. I will be adding general information, incubation & brooding info, housing, feed & diet, breed info and much more! Feel free to list your incubating eggs, chicks, or supplies here! Simply e-mail me your add and I will post it under my Classifides Page. As of right now this section is not up. I would like to see how it goes first! If you are a member of any Bantam Organization I will link to you on my group and my website to help promote you, if you would do the same for me. I am also in the process of building my "online flock & hatchery", so check back often! You can see my progress @ http://ChazsChickenCoop.synthasite.com

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