Welcome to my page! I am beginning this page to introduce myself. I am, far from beig new to the chicken world . . . however, I am new to the world of "Urban Chickens".

I am located in a small town called Union City in Michigan. I am trying to fnd other "chicken people" close to me. Only other chicke people can appriciate my excitement about my new hens and missing my flock I had in the country.

This is a link to my OLD website . . . it is still a nice and informative site if you'd like to check it out.

As of 8~2011 I am trying to find me 1 or 2 hens to start my Urban Flock. I have an AWESOME chicken tractor that will allow them to "free range" . I have a medium sized dog crate for housing them inside a sunroom at night or on cold days. I even have a Chicken Diaper! All I am missing is the hen!

As of 8~3~20011 I am waiting to go pick up 2 Bantam Hens!! They are Cochin crosses . . . one is blind and needs some xtra love. I am so excited!!