Cheap Country Entertainment
When you live in the country, and your basically broke, it helps to be easily entertained. With every animal that we have added to the farm has given us endless hours of entertainment. Our newest form of entertainment was discovered when my husband was buzzed by a flying squirrel. After finally convincing him that it wasn't one of the many bats that we see at dusk, and his heart rate went back to normal, we were ready for some laughs. Well, I was already laughing at his antics, I couldn't help it. Watching a 270#, 6'2" man with full body willies and body shivers brings a smile to my face even now as I right this.


We drug our lawn chairs to the upper side of this huge oak tree, grabbed some of the cheap solar lights from the side of the driveway and that is where we can be found most nights until about 10:30.


We feed late in the evenings and the dogs, rabbits, and now the gliders all eat dog food. Throwing the kibble out for the rabbits is what brought the gliders in. At one point this evening we counted 8 gliders that we could see and there were several more that we could hear. Between the rabbits and the gliders there was a lot of crunching going on.


Sugar Glider Love

To be continued....