Cheap Movable Tractor Your Hens Will Love Bugs And Chickweed This Was Easy To Make Even For Me

By glenn2229 · Aug 10, 2012 · ·
  1. glenn2229

    Describe 'cheap movable tractor your hens will love. Bugs and chickweed.....This was easy to make even for me.' here

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  1. EarlyBird777
    That is a great tractor... what did you use for polls... pvc?
  2. sheherazae
    yes, this looks extremely lightweight. Can you give more details of the design or materials list? i'd love to make one for my broilers.
  3. chickoni
    Are the curved poles pvc pipe? What diameter did you pick? Looks cute.
  4. ChicwannaB
    swweet. I make tractor out of pallets and any odd wood I find, selld em pretty cheap. Taking one up north for a gal in a couple days.
  5. Stumpy
    Great idea! I might consider something like that to get my chickens to a more grassy area during the day.
  6. Eggsitter
    Thanks, that's what I figured. Would it be possible for someone to use that design but have a permanent coop attached? How does that work, are all chicken tractors just day care places and the permanent coops are somewhere else?
  7. glenn2229
    My hens have a perm coop. This is just to move them around a bit for fresh grass and bugs. It is light but sturdy. On really hot days I cover some of the top with a tarp....
  8. joan1708
    kinda cute!
  9. Eggsitter
    My first post thanks to your awesome tractor. Is this something for fair weather? I am a newbie trying to learn where our new bantam chicks are going to live. I learn slower than they grow :)
  10. chicksbunsdog
    I like it! Looks simple and lightweight!

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