Hello all my name is Sarah I live in Middlesex Co Va I am a stay at home mom and hobby farmer
I raise *ADGA registered Alpine & Experimental Dairy Goats *Standard Chickens in the following breeds Dominiques, Australorps, New Hampshires, BCM Marans, Ameracunas, Welsummer & Easter Eggers *Bantam Chickens I raise Cochins in mixed colors I am starting up a Milli project flock, Welsummers and Belgian Quail D'Anvers *Narragansett Turkeys *Pearl & White Guineas *Ducks Pekins, Mallards, Silver Welsh Harliquins, Silver Appleyards & White Muscovies *Mutt Geese and *Califorian Rabbits.
My herdname for my goats is Hickoryneck and my poultry are Cheap Chicks Poultry.
I try to raise my animals as naturally as I can and mix most of my own feeds with local whole grains. My poultry free range daily I am working on planting lots of fruits and veggies so I can supply my critters and my family with lots of homegrown goodies.
I have a website it is cheapchickspoultryfarm.weebly.com and My farm has a facebook page called Cheap Chicks Poultry
I sell Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Poults, Keets, Goslings, Ducklings, Started Birds, Adults, Goat Kids, & a few Bunnies in season