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By KAKBucks · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. KAKBucks
    Finding pictures and information about each breed can be tedious, but shouldn't be too difficult! - Has a great table of breed information! - American Livestock Breed Conservancy has some good info, but it also includes links to the breed clubs/organizations
    Check the national breed club website
    Search feathersite and OF COURSE the BYC forums and member breed pages!
    Ask in the BYC Chat room.

    To find pictures, scan or search forum topics. If good photos are listed PM the owner to ask permission to use them (and if they have any other photos we can use). Copy and save photo to photobucket or post in the breed photo thread for this project. Be sure to ask for age and sex of the birds if available!
    Check the BYC breeders thread for BYCers who have that breed.
    Ask in the chat room if people have photos of the breed
    Google - If you're brave enough, look for good breeder sites and email the breeder to ask if they will help.
    Start a new thread asking for info/pics of a particular breed.

    Please be sure to add the pics to the googledocs database (this will also help us keep track of the contributors).

    We ARE collecting:
    Chick Photos:
    1 Day:
    1 Week:
    2 Weeks:
    3 Weeks:
    4 Weeks:
    5 Weeks:
    6 Weeks:
    8 Weeks:
    12 Weeks:
    16 Weeks:
    Adults (we need a photo of an adult from each color)

    Breed info:

    Class: ex. American, Oriental, French, Continental
    Comb Type
    Skin/Foot Color
    Clean/Feathered Feet
    Number of Toes
    Other Physical Characteristics
    Egg Color:
    Egg Size and Productivity:
    Weight: St Cock St Hen Bant Cock Bant Hen Mature Age (I have most of this information)
    Conservation Status
    Cold Hardiness
    Broody/Mothering ability
    General Temperament
    Additional Notes:
    And any other information that you think we might need. If I've missed something please let me know!

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