I love chickens, always have. And now that we have some land I can finally get some!
We plan on doing 4-H with the kids, have some layer and would like to do meat birds also *but that will have to wait*
I came across some pallets on the side of the road with free sprayed on the side. So I ran home and got the trailer. I hefted these suckers in the trailer and strapped them down. I'm still trying to figure out how I did it alone. These pallets were used in shipping marble, so they were not light by any means. The each had three sides along with the base.
I took them home and broke them down and salvage as much wood as possible. I decided not to break up the base of the largest, thought I could use it for the floor of "something." That something bacame the floor to my coop.

So the base/floor is roughly 5x7' and I am giving it 4' walls. I have many old windows I got from freecycle.org and reframed many of them for my cold frames. I decided to take some and use them for the coop. Since it is so dreary here in the winter I have at least one window in each wall. It main "door" will be two larger windows that open out.

I am supporting the floor in 3' pressure treated post in each corner and then putting it on cement pilars with metal braces. With it being this high I sould be able to stand at the "doors" and reach any corner inside the coop with a rake. If that doesn't work, I'll just send in one of the kids!!
I'm 6' tall so I'm not going in there!

I went with the nest box on the out side with a lid. This may look odd but it is an outter wall laying on the floor while I make the nest box to fit. My chubby baby/helper thinks she needs to hold it down.

I put the dividers on runners so I can slide them out, if I need to, for cleaning. You can kind of see the roost for the nest box laying there in front of it. I attached it unthe 2x4 that the nest box attaches to.
I can already tell that I'm going to need to add on. Its amazing how fast we have out grown this one and we don't even have the chickens yet!