Hey Howdy everyone,
Cheflarz here. I'm glad I found such a good source of information as BYC cause this is all new to me. I grew up in the city/suburbs of KC Missouri but had some contact with farm life through

to our country cousins in Lindsbourg Kansas. Still, I really needed a community resource like this to get me through the maze. As my username suggests I am a Chef by trade so my chicken

handleing has all been post mortum. I love animals and am looking forward to an all new experience. I live in a house just North of Kansas City on an acre lot. One third of the property is

timbered and I have a perinial stream that runs through that went dry for the first time in the 9 years I've lived here. Lots of wildlife around. My biggest concern as far as preditors goes is

Hawks and Owls. Coop is all recycled free materials and the run is fenced but open overhead. I will probably have to encloe it if I don't want to loose any birds to flying predators.

That's it for now, I am still building my flock. I have 6 Leghorns, 1 Ameracauna, and 1 Barred Rock. Looking forward to being a part of your great community. - Larz