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About Me
I am a fairly new chicken owner and came to BYC first thing after bringing my babies home. My Dad the carpenter built a genuine Fort Knox for our girls (and one boy as we would later find out, much to my neighbor's distaste
). I have five beautiful hens and one plucky (and LOUD) rooster.


My Baby (Tweety) and Me!​

My Animals-

Tweety- the cockatiel. My baby and a very spoiled bird.

Jake- the dog. A Queensland Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog. He is the best dog EVER and a wonder with children.

Delilah - the cat. A beautiful manx cat that is full of personality.

Clementine - the puppy. A recent rescue from SE Oregon and quite a character! She loves to "talk" and play with toys.

Sarah Winn - the puppy. Named after Sarah Winnemucca, She is just like Jake. Both of the puppies are Queensland crosses and Sarah just loves to run!

Dewey and Moe - the guinea pigs. Both Guinea Pigs are kings of my brother's room. They like to eat and... well, they like to eat.

Foghorn - The Americana Rooster.

Pam - The Americana Hen.

Brandine - A stark white hen with a LOUD mouth. (And yes, named after Brandine Spuckler on the Simpsons)

Dixie - A beautiful and dainty hen named after my grandmother that loves chickens.

Ruth - A small black hen that I think might be a bantam.

Charlene - A peachy-colored hen that is a complete egg factory!

Clemmie - A beautiful ruffle hen that was very small and quiet. She was my love. Rest in peace baby!

Woah! That's a lot of animals! ;)




Random Facts About Me

  • I spend a TON of time with animals and am always coming up with new harebrained schemes to create elaborate toys or houses.
  • My latest obsession is ducks. They look so cute!
  • I LOVE chocolate. Just. Plain. Love it.
  • I get migraines frequently. I absolutely hate them but love talking to fellow migraine headache sufferers. Even if just to complain. ;)
  • I love classic rock. Zeppelin, Queen, The Doors, ect. But currently, I can't stop listening to Collective Soul.
  • Writing is a passion of mine.
  • I like to do all sorts of crafts and am always starting projects.
  • I have a secret dream of living out in the country and homesteading. I can just see my little cabin with chickens running around all over.
  • I am very friendly and love to chat! Message me if you want to say hi!
  • (And yes, I am part Cherokee. Also part Scott/Irish. If you're curious about anything Cherokee (Tsalagi) I'm happy to chat!)

Wado (Thanks!)