I am going to update as much as possible. I will be removing some already received/sent items as time goes by. This is just for my reference mostly.
I also have or will have started juveniles in most breeds. Right now as of 11/2/12 I have some splash marans available.
I will update with other swap items. Will have DVD's, candles and misc I can find around the house.

Swaps Owed to Me

6+ orp/asst w/possible LF Choco- kraftyladies (11/8)- (CEC) #6837
6+ orp/asst w/possible LF Choco/Crele- kraftyladies (11/8)- (CEC) #6925
6+ orp/asst w/possible LF Choco- kraftyladies (11/8)- (CEC) #6941
6+ LF Choc Orp- kraftyladies (11/8)-(CEC) #7043

11/26 #3986 Kraftyladies 6+ Lavender Amer eggs

Swaps I Owe

Garden Items

purple Iris bulbs
Elderberry starts
Dahlia bulbs

hickory nuts!
Hosta starts
daffodil bulbs
mint bulbs
gladiola bulbs
lots of pine cones pretty soon if someone is interested in those for decorations etc. Not real big. Will try and get a pic if someone is interested.
red bud tree starts
sassafras tree starts
hickory nuts!!!

Other items

Really neat Oval front door glass insert- however shipping would be pricey. If you were close enough, would be great for front door or some project.
Brass porch lights- really cool, they are turquoise color and still in the box.


Hunger Games- viewed once, bought when it first came out.

Egg Side Swaps

Chick Swaps

Started Juvenile Chick Swaps-depending on trade you will have to pay for shipping.

Things I am interested in

Black Raspberry starts
Blueberry starts
gardening items
chicken supplies
chicken medicine
chicken supplements
Boys clothing for 3t and up (ages of grandsons are 2, 4, 5)

Eggs/Chicks Interested In(non-hatchery stock)

Gold Laced Orpington eggs, chicks or juveniles