Chez Poullet

By Moonthistle57 · Sep 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Moonthistle57
    A couple of pics of my coop that I built using The Basic Coop design from I've never really done anything like this before - first time using a circular saw even. I modified the design slightly by elongating the legs so I could build a run that encompassed underneath the coop for 9 extra square feet of room. Moved my two girls out to their roomy new quarters and so far, they seem to love it!

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  1. trnman32
    Looks great I bet the girls love it!
  2. Moonthistle57
    Thanks all! :)
  3. Hogs and Horns
    I love your name for your coop!
  4. ChickyChickens
    WESOME COOP!!!!!!

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