I had chickens around from the time I was a child growing up on a farm in the 60's until 1990. A couple of years ago I got a small flock again, and then started reading about some of the different breeds and now I'm hooked.
I gave away my leghorns except for a couple of ameraucanaX leghorns that I will be giving away this coming fall. I call them my "paint chickens" One has the single comb like her mama.

I have limited myself to 4 breeds - cuckoo marans, black australorps and ameraucanas in the standard size and then some silkies that are proving to be very good brooders. Here's a day old blue silkie chick that came from a hatch the end of January 2010

This is the color of eggs I currently gather in my egg basket every day.

A homemade incubator that could hold 12 doz. eggs, and a separate hatcher. I'm working at improvements to the bator.

This is the air intake which is about 1+1/2" X 1/2". The fan pulls in the cool air through there and then blows it across the light, and then blows the heated air into the rest of the incubator. The vent holes are on the opposite side of the heat source and fan, with 2 currently blocked off to keep the temperature steady

LOL - I used a lot of duct tape on this incubator.