• Received day old chicks April 20, 2010: 4 LF Salmon Faverolles and 4 Easter Eggers. Got into this for the eggs and fun of watching chicks grow up to be layers.
  • My husband supports me in my hobbies (and there are many). He built a Gazebo Coop for my girls (see my Avatar Pic).
  • As the girls were growing up I noticed that one in particular seemed to be rather bold, then some black feathers began to grow in on the wings.....guess what? One of my girls is really a boy!! He is the only rooster in the batch and he is now a beautiful Salmon Faverolles Cockerel.
  • Now looking into breeding the LF Faverolles. Must be destiny. Also found out that one of the girls is a Mahogany Faverolles; she is a deeper red than the other two Faverolles Hens. Still learning all new to me.
  • As of Sept. 21, 2010 still no eggs from the girls nor crowing from the cock.
  • While I wait for eggs am really enjoying the forum...learning that there are lots of other fowl people out there just as crazy as me!
  • Let the Chicken Crazyness Continue!!

October 2, 2011 - Selling my large fowl Salmon Faverolles, Rooster and Hen due to travel and work load. You will need to come and get them as I will not ship. I live in mid Michigan about 3 hours east of Chicago and 2 hours west of Detroit.
Very good looking couple with deep beards and 5 toes true to standard.