I am new to this site and, not being a facebook person, or,for that matter a computer person either, I don't know how to navigate the question page or get an answer to my question, or for that matter, I don't even know what this page is allabout.
I have had chickens off and on for years with a pretty big hiatus
in between. I have 2 roosters now so have had to seperate them each with his own hen group.
I also had to make living quarters for the one family in the same shed as my ducks. I am learning many new facts aabout chickens and their living spaces from this forum. I posted a question regarding the use of apple cider vinegar water for them. I have never heard of this and am wondering if it is necessary for good health. I live in a rural south Jersey town near the shore. I certainly hope to learn how to use the forum so that I might be able to participate the way you folks do.