~August 16, 2009~
Well the girls are 10 weeks old today and we couldnt be more proud. They all get along pretty well just the normal sparing and pecking order. Otis our lone barred rock really likes to hang with herself and is the SUPER bug eater of the group, while the others investigate Otis' bugs are in her croop already. She is still missing little patches of feathers but puts out some serious heat so we know she stays warm, we love our little lumpy girl. The are all happily installed in their coop and run and put themselves to bed without a problem. We love all our girls very much. We found Harvey a wonderful home with a new chicken momma as devoted as we are and found out he was given a flock of his very own, we hope he is happy and well. We occationally watch the video below and miss him but we are very happy to find him a good home. Here are their 10 week photos, free ranging in the front yard. Hope you enjoy them.

Albert 14.4 oz Bob 12.7 oz Gary 13.2 oz

Look at all the beards and muffs ! ! !
Otis 1lb 1.1 oz
Otis is the hardest to photograph, I think she was spying a fly here...

~July 19, 2009~
Here is a video of Harvey, saying good morning
Well, we found a lovely home for Harvey, a sweet couple that love Bantams and are excited to have a hand raised loveable roo to love on. We feel really good about it and I am sure the girls wont mind if they stop getting pecked on. Harvey being the strong masculin kida guy he is feels like he needs to keep his girls in line. Here are the Week 6 photos...
Albert 7.4 oz Bob 6.8 oz Gary 6.1 oz


Harvey 9.4 oz Otis 9.0 oz

~July 12, 2009~
Week 5 - Harvey is crowing like a mad man, he is totally confirmed a Roo.
Totally heartbreaking because he is the sweetest most gentle bird. We are currently looking for a new home for him. On the positive side, Otis is turning out with female coloring and we are super thrilled. We get at least one barred rock out of the bunch that passed away. We are very happy. So without further or due, here are the 5 week old pictures. Enjoy!
Albert - 6.5 oz Bob - 5.9 oz Gary - 5.5 oz

Harvey - 8.2 oz Otis - 8.1 oz

~July 5, 2009~
Week 4 and we are starting to see possible boy characteristics in Harvey which is a bit heart breaking since we lost so many birds when they first arrived. We are not able to have boys in the city limits so if Harvey turns out to be a boy we will need to re-home him. All the others seem to be girls. Here are their 4 week photos and weights. Cheers...
Albert - 3.8 oz Bob - 3.3 oz Gary - 3.2 oz


Harvey 5.1 oz Otis - 5.1 oz

~June 28, 2009~

[FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Week 3 photos of the girls. Everyone is really starting to feather in beautifully, they are flying around the brooder and out of it when we lift the top up. Harvey is starting to understand that when she chirps really loud we come and look into the brooder, she also likes to rile up the others. We think she will be the alpha, we shall see. Oh yea and we are starting to get some green legs.

Albert [2.6 oz] Bob [2.3 oz] Gary [2.2 oz]

Harvey [3.5 oz] Otis [3.8 oz]

~June 22, 2009~
Week 2 photos of the girls.... Everyone is beautiful and healthy and vibrant... Yea !
Gary [1.2 oz] Albert [1.4 oz] Harvey [2.1 oz]


Otis [2.4 oz] Bob [1.2 oz]

~June 11, 2009~
warning... all of our female chickens have male names..... LOL...
I got the call from the post office at 11:00 last night, they had arrived and did I want to pick them up..... of course I wanted to pick them up, I have been waiting months for this ! I ran to the post office and found AL, he took me to my girls, I signed the paperwork and skipped out with what I am sure was a rediculous grin. Home now, to the brooder all set up and ready for them. I opened the box to find one girl on her way out, which she did pass in around 30 minutes [one of our barred rocks, we named her Richard], all the others were drinking up a storm and yellin'. Brian and I ended up going to bed around 1 am and I was up at 6 checking them out, cleaning 2 pasty butts and cooing over my new brood. One more of the barred rocks is not doing well, she is incredibly lethargic and cant walk or hold her head up. I have got her on sugar water every 30 minutes. We will see how it goes....
Here are a few photos of our new brood:
EE #1 (Albert) EE #2 (Harvey) EE #3 (Bob)

EE #4 (Gary)
BR #1 - Nelson (RIP 6-12-09) BR #2 (Otis) BR #3 Steve (RIP 6-17-09)


~May 31, 2009~
Well, they are almost here and we are starting to prepare. We set the brooder up in its spot and turned the heat on to check it all out, here are a couple of pics...

Got the temp up to 90 degrees after I laid a towel over the top of the brooder, without the towel it gets to 80 degrees - feel good about it all.
9 days and counting...
~May 20, 2009~
We ordered 8 Bantam girls from My Pet Chicken: The count down has begun, they ship on June 8th..... YIPPEE !