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  1. chick-adee
    Hi! I'm chick-adee, well I guess that's kinda obvious, but I have/had 4 chickens named Owl, Peep, Daisy, and Gertrude and they are special to me. I will tell their story for them because they aren't here right now they are at a friend's farm.

    Two years ago............

    My mom and dad wanted me to do a summer project. I just couldn't think of anything, but while I was sitting in the backyard I had an idea. LIGHT BULB! [​IMG]So when we were going somewhere (I don't remember) I asked my Mom if I could raise baby chicks. "It'll only be for the summer." I begged,"We can give them to someone after that!" My mom agreed, so we looked on e-bay for eggs and an incubator. We looked at all different breeds (that I knew nothing about) and looked for an incubator that had an egg turner. My Dad and I waited by the computer til the last three seconds. We submitted our bid, and joy! The incubator was ours! We waited for it to come in, but the seller refused to give it up. We got a full refund, but no incubator. We went to a farmer friends house, and they offered to lend us an incubator and give us 18 eggs. Duh, we took both.
    On June 9th 2013 I woke up and went downstairs to see one chick that was gray everywhere except for the face, which was white, staring right back at me. Over the last 2 weeks 6 days I had read to them, and faithfully turned them every day. I named the chick Owl because it looked like a barn owl with its white heart shaped face. Since it was sunday my family and I went to evening worship. My sister and my Dad stayed home because they were sick. They watched the second chick hatch, and at 7:52 pm Peep hatched. That was all of the chicks that we got because I didn't put any moisture in the incubator and it didn't have a fan.
    They watched all of the x-men movies and all of the mission impossibles. We all wanted to hold them, but we had no idea how to take care of them. I started to research, and I learned how to take care of them. I managed to convince my Mom and Dad to keep the chicks, and they told me while we were leaving the Aldis parking lot. I cried.
    Fast forward a year of fun, and the second thursday before easter, my sister got me six chicks for the local feed store. Their names were Cluck, Angel, Lacey, Beatrice, Daisy, and Gertrude. We only kept Daisy and Gertrude because the others constantly terrorized Owl and Peep. Late we celebrated Owl and Peeps birthday with a cake that they could eat too. They loved to attack the tomatoes in my Mom's garden then run off before anybody saw them. When they wanted treats they would hop onto our porch, and squack until I came out.
    We lasted out the winter, and we waited for spring. The chickens and I celebrated the first grass patches, and would stay out side all day. I caught bugs for them, and they ate them for me :) I would spent hours just sitting outside and watching them. I taught Owl tricks with grapes. I would take Gertrude to our front porch swing and read with her. I would hug Daisy, and she would follow me around like a dog. Peep and I would lie in the grass and tan :) About a week after my birthday a man came to our house. He and my Mom talked and she told me that it was a zoning office talking about our grass that was a little too high. What she didn't tell me was that someone had complained about my chickens. My chickens were never louder than a dog, and I always kept both them and the coop clean. The first saterday of June we had to move them to a friends farm. Sinse I am the unpaid intern at the farm, I get to see them at least once a week, but I still miss them. I will try to get them back, but [​IMG].


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  1. TheNeonPanther
    Cute and really sad story.. Two people (Idiots) complained about our cats, one person complained about our dogs and sent us to court. I feel awful that you don't get too see your chickens.. I would die if my pekin or button quail were taken away. (My neighborhood puts down animals they take away, no second chances!) If there is anything I can do, or BYC can do as a team please PM me! That is what I am here for! :)
  2. chick-adee
    I'll do anything that I have to :p I went to the council and it went okay. People that I don't even know walk up to me and say,"You did a great job at the council meeting!" It's kind of creepy, but I've learned to live with it :)
  3. Free Feather
    I do not like that story very much at all.
    How can someone think that they can tell you that you cannot have chickens?
    Well, evidently they can. I hope you can get it changed.
  4. chick-adee
    *hugs back*
  5. NickyKnack
    What a truly touching story. Thanks for sharing your special love for your girls. *hugs* I hope you do get them back, but until then, you love them when you can.
  6. chick-adee
    They go bye-bye, and it is bad.
  7. silkiecuddles
    Very good story! I'm so sorry that they had to go bye-bye!
  8. silkiecuddles
    Very good story! I'm so sorry that they had to go bye-bye!
  9. chick-adee
    Me too. I miss them sooooo much. I'm trying to get the ordinance that doesn't let me have them changed.
  10. Mountain Peeps
    Nice story! I'm so sorry you had to get rid of your flock though! :(

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