This page is Dedicated to my new Feather Friends.
I will start out with the story of our Chicken and how she came to our family and suprised us with 11 little "chicklets"

About close to 2 months ago, My husband called me when I was running my mother home,
Hubby-"Hey Ann. Do you want chicken"..
Me-I"m thinking. "huh?"
Me- "Ummm Yea I thought I was stopping at Mitzu's?" (a chinese resturant with killer seasme chicken).
Confused me-"Why did you decide you want some too?"..
Hubby- "No, I was thinking Real chicken:"
At this point I ask him- Ummmmm Is there someone at the house offering us Live chickens?
Hubby- OH no.. but there is a Chicken running around the front yard, I took a video beacuse I dont think he or she will be there by the time you
get home from mom's."

I laugh and say- "oh ok then" and Hang up

I Go about my Day. and Get home a few hours later.
Pull in the Driveway, and Start to walk up to my door when this chicken Comes Running Full speed from behind our Turtle tank! ( a huge horse troth)
I run inside and grab some bread and toss it in the yard. and she come's running. and gobbles up the bread. We laugh about it and go in for the day.

ANd it was then that Every day after that.. this Girl was at my front stoop. clucking away.

Here she is Venturing Up on the porch, I guess i didnt go out fast enough to Feed her cause I open the door n saw her there lol.

It was raining this day lol. and she didnt care she just wanted food.

But Little did I know her Daily visits would turn into a permanent arrangment.

As on July 7/8th sometime She hatched eggs I had no clue she had
When I went out to Take The lunch box to hubby's work truck.. on The 9th I discoverd her Chicks

Then Monday the 11th a 11th chick hatch's (wow just realized that Monday the 11th. and chick #11) wow that's to cool


SO fallow me here as I add pictures weekly of the chicks and See them growing :)
I will be Adopting out some of these chicks, as I can't keep 11 if I plan on trying to start hatching. and I'd love to get some Silky's
but Hope you enjoy watching our Chicken family Grow.