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and now...drum roll, please...

The Dearly Departed

These birds are listed in order of removal from flock...whether sold, given away, sent to freezer camp or died. They are, for the most part, missed. Some more than others. R.I.P. my beauties!!!way

(Buffy, Buff Rock and the Head of the Pecking Order) She, along with Jean, were the genesis of my chicken-keeping adventure. I thought she was about 2 yrs old, but she was closer to 5 at her passing. She was mean, but fair, as long as she got her way. When she was going to lay an egg, she insisted on total, complete privacy. She chased everyone out of the hen house whether they were in a nest or not. What a character!

(Jean, Speckled Sussex - named after the previous owner and Buffy's vicious trained assassin/henchman) The other half of the original girls. She kept everyone in line, and made sure they knew she was #2. She was a really good egg layer, I never would have guessed she was nearly 5 yrs old. A very pretty hen, too.

(Hailey, Gold Comet - loud mouth busy body, very demanding) I got her, along with Rachel, Rosie, and Lacey, when they were 2 yrs old. They were in terrible condition, molting and under-weight. Sadly, her best laying days were long gone and soon so was she.

(Rosie, Silver Laced Wyandotte - a STINKER in personality & smell) Okay, I don't have many nice things to say about Rosie, except that she did a pretty good job of laying for a 2 yr old - not great - just pretty good. Oh, and she was pretty to look at, though super mean to the other girls and a lot of work for me, bathing, trimming and such.

(Lacey, Gold Laced Wyandotte ... very quiet, stays under the radar) Proved that beauty is only skin deep. She was always in the background...picking out the other hens feathers and eating them. Protein? She got plenty but she just couldn't break the habit. Great eye candy, though, when she wasn't molting.


(Poe, EE - my sweet dark boy) I hate super friendly, beautiful roos...that I can't keep. He was part of my first ever hatch in my homemade bator from shipped eggs I got from KatyTheChickenLady in Idaho. His daddy was a pure bred, white Ameraucana named Bob, and his mother was an EE named Red Riding Hood. He was my favorite chick right from the start. He reminded me of a raven and so that's how he got his name. What a beautiful boy he was! I really miss him.

(Olivia, EE - would've been an Olive Egger) So sad I can barely type. My beautiful Olivia was also part of my first ever hatch in my homemade bator from shipped eggs I got from KatyTheChickenLady in Idaho. Her daddy was a pure bred Buff Ameraucana named Big Daddy and her mom was a Leghorn/RIR cross. She was sweet, friendly, curious and a really beautiful pullet. I will miss her so.

(Cassiopeia, EE - aka Cassi, beautiful dark eyes) So very sad about my beautiful, sweet Cassi! She was a GREAT layer and had the best temperment! She laid a beautiful, large, light-brown egg nearly every day. I miss her sorely.

(Rachel, Buff Orpington - named after the previous owner, sweet & curious, 4+ yrs old, rarely lays a large brown egg)

(Delores, EE - named after the previous owner, very vocal, and sometimes quite stingy with her nice large green egg. Loved her gray beard and partridge-y patterning.)

(Molly, Lakenvelder - named after previous owner, skittish, squawky & fast, laid a small/med. white egg)

(Selena, White Faced Black Spanish - also skittish but she sang/cooed in the sweetest tones, laid a small-med. white egg)

(Gemma, EE - was a bratty biter [to be petted] that laid a light green, lightly speckled egg)

(Roulette, Unknown Gamebird Mix - given to me as a chick along w/her mama, Casino, was quick, curious & surprisingly friendly, had lovely feathering and laid small creamy colored egg. She was a great mama until she was ready to lay again.)

(Lady Jane, EE - my dad's pick as a feedstore chick, friendly to humans & pretty, laid a large brown egg. A lady she was not! Was a real meanie to the younger, smaller hens. She'd jump on their backs and peck at their heads. Hmmm. Life's too short for mean chickens. Just saying.)

(Odessa, Delaware - Hatched out by ke_ben, laid a large, shiny, roundish, rich brown egg. Broke her beak in freak hatching accident. Had no covers for her nose holes, or nares. Friendly to the point of irritation. My sister calls the Delawares "the biters" because they are in your face and under your feet and want to taste EVERYTHING.)

(Ember, EE - Feedstore chick from Privett, laid a medium sized olive egg that sometimes had speckles. She was a smooth-faced Easter Egger with no muffs but she has the best comb. She was kinda like a sour patch kid. Sometimes she'd bite you after she'd been sitting on your lap being petted and loving it.)

(Amy, Leghorn - Feedstore chick from Privett, layid lottsa large white eggs. She was small and rather skittish but fierce. Named after some friends whose last name is similar to Leghorn.)