Chick-Inn Westmont

By RustyP757 · Apr 21, 2014 · ·
  1. RustyP757

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  1. RustyP757
    Thank you! Your coop is sweet!!! My ladies free run when i am home, so much enjoyment having them around, this is a totally new experience, I am currently landscaping and adding lighting and music! It is the "Chick-Inn" the music will be on a timer and on a volume level that you can only hear when standing next to the coop.
  2. cindy parker
    love it! Looks similar to my new coop:)
  3. RustyP757
    The girls are Happy Happy Happy! and thanks for the warm welcome to BYC, we have a Pug that wants to hang out with the girls she thinks they are her babies, too funny!! she also thinks she belongs in the coop with them.
  4. teneyck farms
    you did good
  5. RustyP757
    Thank You! I built it, no plans just went with some ideas from BYC, our girls (4 RI Reds) are going in it today, just finishing up some details, lighting and some landscaping.
  6. teneyck farms
  7. teneyck farms
    good job did you build it

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