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By rsleghornchicki · Jan 28, 2012 · Updated Jan 28, 2012 · ·
  1. rsleghornchicki
    This is My simple,low cost nice brooder I just made as soon I my brother drove me to Campbell's. I had this box and I was saving it for the special day to set it up. Before my chicks hatch I will put news paper on top of the bedding so the chicks don't eat it. I used some left over hamster bedding from Alice and put about two inches on the box. I cut off the flaps on the sides and made a little square to put the feeder/waterer on it so it on even ground. I'm pretty sure the chicks can't get spraddle leg from that. My little sister Rose picked out green for the color[​IMG]
    [​IMG] This is my fav brooder that I made. It was a clear tub from the 2nd hand store and cost me only $2![​IMG] I used the same bedding as the other brooder and I picked out the pretty colored feeder/water from Campbell's for only $1.99 for the base and another $1.99 for the plastic jar thing. So for just one of those (base and top both) it was around $4! GREAT deal considering I'm tight on cash and I bought Rose a small blizzard at Dairy Qween![​IMG] This is the type of hamster bedding that I put in my brooder. You can't see it but on the back of the package it says not to put this in a inclosed box/cage because the dust or stuff in it is not good for little chick's lungs. So I won't put the lid on the see through bin.[​IMG] These are my eggs! Two are due in three days![​IMG] These are my feeders before they went into the brooder.[​IMG]

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  1. mamazta
    I did my brooder simple too I put shered paper for bedding.Does anybody know if cherry shaving are save for bedding?
  2. rsleghornchicki
    thnxs for the advice. before I use any thing on my little guys i read the backs at least twice. I'm also FREAKEN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eggs are due any day!
  3. Buiscuit
    Pine is just fine for the chicks. Used it on hundreds of baby chicks.
  4. Montana-Hens
    Like you I love pretty colors. Looks like you are planning well. You may want to check on the safety of pine for baby chicks.

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