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  1. macnugget
    Emily and Julia's Coop
    IMG00018.jpg IMG00020.jpg
    Julia and Emilys 4-H project is poultry but since we live in the city limits we had to build a coop that looks like it fit in the setting of the city so to speak. So I contacted Dennis Harrison-Noonan for a copy of his playhouse coop plans. The kids learned a lot about how to build stuff each one was able to learn how to measure, cut, drill and put everything together square. It has been a great family project! For a copy of Dennis plans you can E-mail him @ He has some videos on you tube to see how everything works. I watched them a few times if I got stuck with something. UPDATE FEB 2009 Well the girls raised there chicks that they hatched in the classromm and the basement and went on to show at the Montgomery County Fair . This was the first year for each of them in 4-H and raising chickens. Julia got 1st place for showman ship and Emily got 3rd Place. Also Emily got grandchampion for the rooster and reserve for her bantam barred rock pullet. We look forward to a new year of learning and hatching.



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  1. rottiesrme51
    that is a very nice house. I live on the outskirts of moraine, northwest of miamisburg. looking for other chicken people in the area to talk to. are the girls showing this year?

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