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Chick N Hutch With My Upgrades

  1. EliteTempleton
    I no longer use this coop setup, it was what I tried my first year because I didn't know what I was doing and thought I'd rather buy a pre-made one than build the wrong thing. In truth I should have just spent more time looking at coop pix and built one, cuz the Chick-N-Hutch could use ALOT of improvment, and yea you could do those improvements to it if you wanted, but by the time you spend the time and energy and $ you really could have done better starting from scratch anyway...
    But to share what I did if you either already have one or decide to get one anyway(against my advisement):
    First I didn't feel the coop was long enough so I built a run extention. Just some 1x2's with some Chicken wire stapled to it. Before you tell me that chicken wire and staples isn't good enough: I live in the city with two dogs that are happy to protect the girls so I wasn't worried about predators and never had any trouble.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Last Updated June 4, 2010

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