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By chick rookie · Oct 15, 2015 ·
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    Well I guess I will start at the beginning, I was raised by my grandparents. They always had chickens, ducks just about anything with feathers, including pigeons. Now that my family is grown and on their own I have my own flocks. I have had them off and on all along, but for the last 4 years I have kept my flock growing, and growing and growing. Yes chicken math got a hold of me and hasn't let go yet.. lol
    I am still finding new breeds I have never heard of let alone seen. Some, ok allot, of these "new to me breeds" I just got to have!! Some I have got just to try them. Some worked out some did not.
    Like the MFD's love their color, temperament and broodiness. Great parents both sexes, but they didn't work out due to easy prey, I lost 6 chicks to a dog, 2 adults to a Hawk, and 1 adult to something still unknown. So I sold the remaining 3. I don't and will not lock anything up permanently, Just the way I am, if it cant roam around than I don't want it. Yes I have fences around the perimeter but with in that they all have grass and dirt, to dust bath and eat all the bugs and worms they want. I find they are happier, healthier and have less creepy crawly things to deal with and just plain cheaper on the feed bill!!
    Right now I have 14 laying hens with 1 Rooster, 6 EE hens, 2 AM hens and 1 EE roo, 3 BCM juveniles 2 of which I think are Roo's, ( boo ) 1 French Black Maran sex unknown at this time. 4 BO's chicks had 6, 1 got taken by a Falcon, and 1 died of unknown causes. The chicks now have a covered outdoor brooder. 3 EE chicks I hatched. 1 BR juvenile I just found out for sure today that is a Roo. ( again.. boo ). 1 Unknown EEx that I found out yesterday is a roo ( boo ). 1 BTWJ roo, DH brought him and a GS roo and a EE roo, all bantams home on a whim one day. The BTWJ is the only one of those I kept. I had no ideal what he was but I loved him. 1 Buff Cochin think its a hen ( lf ) 1 Berchin Cochin hen ( bantam ) got her from a friend just cause I loved her, she only coast me a buck!! lol 2 Polish roo's ( had for 3 days now ) that just appeared out of no where. I have had a BR hen and a WR hen just show up, too at different times of course.
    Lets see, O cant forget my Romeo and his girls, Silkies, buff, white black and splash totaling 5 hens and 4 chicks, I sold allot of them over the summer. They just keep hatching. Its too late in the year now so I am taking the eggs, but they still try!! lol
    Just got 2 new Welsummer hens to add to the laying group, but they are still in ISO along with 2 more EE's and a splash Maran hen, all juveniles.
    I have 2 Silkie chicks that just WILL NOT stay home, I seen that darn Falcon diving at them today but I messed him up, ha ha. Caught the chicks ( that was NOT fun ) and put them in the outdoor brooder with the 3 EE chicks.... they are NOT happy campers!! lol But they will live another day.
    I also have 6 goats, 4 nanny's 1 doe and a billy, LaMancha, Spotted Boar, Spotted Nubian, 2 Boar and the billy is Spotted Nub/Togg cross. Just pets.
    3 horses and 7 dogs, yes I said 7 dogs, lol almost all of them were rescues. 2 GP's, 1 ASFS, 1 Ridge back, 1 Aussie, 1 Black Lab and 1 who dunnit.. lol
    Hope I haven't bored ya, will have more from time to time. Have a great day :)

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