Chick with injured leg

By asopos · May 15, 2019 · ·
  1. asopos
    ı have a chick of 2-3 weeks and today she jumped from my hand while I was carrying her to her house. She fell on the ground and I believe she injured her leg. She is limping but when I touch her injured leg she doesnt sound like she is in pain. The upper ankle(? İdk what it is called) seems to have a smal red strike on it but I couldnt see anoy other singns of injury. What should I do? Could it be serious? Edit: she can move her fingers and leg just cant step on it. And when I take her in my hand to examine her leg it seems more loose than the other leg

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  1. Kk the chicken lover
    Hi I just read your message and I am sorry about your chick I had a chicken injure it’s leg before falling off a shelf and it was hopping on one foot what I did was take some cotton balls and put it on some wrap and then I gently wrapped it around it’s leg two weeks later it healed
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