Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Doncha Just Love It

By tommysgirl · Feb 22, 2013 · Updated Feb 22, 2013 ·
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    Last May after years of talking about it we received our first chicks in the mail. Our shipment came from MPC and it included 3 Australorps, 3 Delawares and 2 Red Stars. One of our Australorps didn't make the night but the remaining 7 grew up to be the most entertaining and useful animals on the place....The dogs make us laugh but the Chickens do that and make us breakfast.

    Since then:

    My uncle live behind us and he had a lonely mixed breed roo. One day when our girls were free ranging he let him out. He was so good to the girls and such a gentleman we let him stay. He is an old guy, over 10, but the girls are laying fertile eggs so this spring I am going to try to hatch some of his offspring.

    But sadly we lost one of our Delawares, Shirley. They are a friendly and curious breed but not supposed to be very good at flying. She apparently didn't know that and went over the fence where she met the neighbors Jack Russell.

    So now we have 6 hens, 2 of each, and a roo.

    What's to come?

    Over the last year I have developed several crushes on different breeds so decided early on that I needed to get a breed of hen known to go broody so that she could hatch and brood for me...The two I selected are Dorkings and Speckled Sussex. Then I saw so many photos of colorful egg baskets that I really felt the need for a tinted egg layer or two and well if my Dorking is setting on eggs who will be laying white eggs for me? Can't have anything too flighty so decided on the California Grey and I love my Delawares so I wanted to add a couple more of them as well. Since I had to order 25 from the hatchery I went to friends and family, found out what they wanted and filled out the order with some Black Stars. I wanted Partridge Rocks but the hatchery was sold out for the delivery date I wanted.

    Coming in April, about the time my set eggs are due to hatch
    5 Speckled Sussex
    5 Delawares
    5 Easter Eggers
    5 California Greys
    5 Black Stars

    There is no proof that I called the feed store and ordered 5 Partridge Rocks to also be delivered at the same time, but somehow that is happening. Shoot with 25 running around who is going to notice 5 more?

    Plus my hatch. Don't forget my hatch. I am setting shipped Dorking eggs and barnyard mixes from mine and my uncle's hens.

    I am keeping 12-15 total hens, the rest are spoken for. If my Dorking eggs hatch a purebred roo then he will be sold but all other roos from the hatch will end up in the freezer.

    So there is my chicken math story. We are gong from one coop to three Thank God my husband and hero is patiently tolerant of my chick addiction.


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