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Chickabeas Member Page

By ChickaBea · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ChickaBea
    So I wanted to design and build my own coop. I don't need anything fancy. Just easy to clean and safe for the chickens.

    This is my preliminary penned coop design:


    Here is a penned rendition of the inner parts:


    Chicken doodles to finish. :lol:

    I changed on member's Google Sketchup design to fit my needs.

    Materials: 6 roofing panels, 3 rolls of hardware cloth, 4x4s for the foundation, blocks and ground gravel for the foundation, 2x2s for the frame, roofing brackets, gate latches, spring for the door, 5 OSB boards, wood stain, barn red paint, sand and hay.

    I am sure I'll need more things than listed, but I'll deal with that when it's time. Just gonna go with the flow!

    Any tips or suggestions?

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