Hi there!
My name is Samantha and i'm fairly new to back yard chicken! I'm from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. I found this website after deciding i wanted chickens and now i'm on here almost everyday reading and learning new things and tricks.
My newest chickens are my 4 sermas, a pair of smooths and a pair with a smooth and a frizzled, all set up in two little suites of their own. (Thank you wishiwasjane!) My big coop consists of a blue frizzled cochin hen, a blue smooth cochin hen, a barred rock hen and a dreaded RIR hen. OH and a special needs polish hen named crook. In my grow pen i have a standard cochin, 3 hatchery stock amerucanas and a buttercup.
My incubator will stay full most of the time. ive hatched about 50 chicks to date and in a few weeks i'll be starting again. i hatch all different types and sell them at the swaps i attend. Look for me in June!
Currently i am looking to start a flock of PURE amerucanas- if anyone has any close to me or that your're willing to ship to me id like 4-5 hens and a roo. Laying already or very close to it please.
I'm also looking for other laying hens of any kind to take care of themselves and the rest of my chickies as far as feed and their other expenses go, so if you have any laying hens to sell, keep me in mind!! Young hens preferred.

Any questions, comments or concerns- Contact me.