I am on a rode of research! I found this awesome sight and am so excited.
I have always dreamed of owning my very own self sustaining farm.

I live in the burbs but I am in process of becoming more sufficient for my family of 6. I have just bought my very first home and am hoping that my neighbors will warm up to having chickens in the city.
Initially I wanted to own a couple hens for eggs, but as I spoke with Uncles who had much experience and people with chickens I found that the girls will at sometime stop laying. So then I went on a mission of research as to what birds are best for meat and eggs. I live in the city so there isn't much room for me to hold 5 girls that are not laying and add more later that will lay, so I will probably have to alternate using the hens for meat and eggs. I am looking to get a rooster that is known for being a bit more tranquil and quiet since I have 4 kiddies and live, again, in the city.

I am mother to 4 kiddos 1 cat 1 bunny and wife to my awesomely wonderful husband. My husband finally agrees with me on something and that is chickens! Yea! So I come here in search of information, wisdom and friendship to those who enjoy chickenhood. Please friend me, especially if you are from the Indianapolis

Thanks for this site! RF