April 27th - So I really should be keeping up with this more..... Today was my first tragedy in our project farming effort. I woke up to a rather horrible event. DH put the chucks to bed last night because I was feeling rather awful. We're in the process of finishing our large coop. I let the girls have fun in the run during the day and bring them inside at night. Well he did bring them in but left them in boxes where they didn't have sufficient oxygen supply. I lost 9 birds. My 3 Golden Girls (buff brahmas) Blanch, Rose and Dorthy, two olive eggers Kalamata and Tapenade, two welsummers Drumstick and Autumn, SLW Cooper, and Speckled Sussex Gail. I :hit for well most of the day. I'm very sad but am learning about how easy it is for things to go horribly wrong. Very hard lesson very well learned! I know it's not going to be the last but hope that the next lesson won't be for some time! So sorry for those girls. They're already sorely missed!