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By Chickcaan · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Chickcaan
    Hey there! I'm Amy and I live in Bowdoinham, ME. We got our first chickens ever in June 2009. I love those girls! I'm slowly trying to figure out how to keep our new family members happy, but they are very tolerant so far of my inexperience.
    We have 8 chickens: Two Comets, (the Golden Girls) "Rose Nylund" and "Dorothy Zbornak". Two Rhode Island Reds, "Red" and "Stella". Four Araucanas, "The Helga Twins", "Ducky", and "Olivia". They'll never be dinner - despite them digging up my garden, eating eggs or costing me money. They are part of a very large pet family and its so nice to see them happily playing in our yard.

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