2011-12-26 - Hi, I'm new here and new to chickens in general. I've had chickens for about three months now. I live in Independence, MO and have 6 hens... 3 RIR's, 1 Black Australorp, 1 Red Star, and 1 Black Star. Why the name "ChickChickChicky"???? 'Cause when i walk out to the pen and say that, all the girls come running and talking because they know I have treats for them

BELOW IS "STRETCH"... she keeps everyone in line....

BELOW IS "STUMPY", when I got her, her toes and part of her comb were missing, presumably due to frostbite..., plus some neck feathers that I don't know if they'll ever grow in. She looks frumpy but is an egg machine and is 2nd in command!

BELOW IS " SHERI", she's a little shy...

BELOW IS "SALLY", a Black Australorp who tries to be Number One in the flock...

BELOW IS "SHELLEY", a sweet Red Star who lives for food, freedom and petting, and lays a giant deep brown egg every day...

AND BELOW IS "SUZY-Q", a sweet and dimunitive little Black Star who's at the bottom of the pecking order, but she does allow herself to be picked up and petted.