,my name is andrea

i have 2 buff orpintongs called betty and wilma !
i got them on the 22nd of june and they were laying there eggs by the 24th june !!
i think they must be happy :)

betty has gone broody on me after many attempts to stop her i gave up and let her do what is natural and gave her 3 fertile eggs .
now i have to work out what to do if they hatch :/ i have no idea and am learning as i go so im up for taking any advice thatis given !

if all goes well the eggs should be hatching around the 16th august 2011 ! :)

Sadly it did not work out :( mummy chick wilma tried to fight of Betty who got a little toojelous and they poor eggs were cracked open just days before hatching:(
poor wilma cried outfor her babies for ages , i could not resist making her feel happy so i popped to a local farm and got three for her.
wilma has took them under her wing lovingly and are growing up together !
they babies are bellow aint they cute !!!!!

there slowly growning up and now they have names !
this one is called Zelda
this is called Nugget
and this is dotty - yes looks like a velororaptor more than a chicken !