Chicken Anatomy

By Book Em Danno25 · Nov 20, 2014 · ·
  1. Book Em Danno25
    Here are some parts of the chicken and facts about them:


    Comb- A fleshy growth on top of the chickens head.

    Points-Also called a comb, has a flat, vertical base with multiple points on the end.

    Base- base of the head

    Eye- Well.. DUH!!!

    Ear- Where a chicken hears from

    Ear Lobe- A little group of feathers by the ear. In the ear is the lobe.

    Back Cape- a part of the chickens back.

    Saddle- Right where the feathers go up to form the tail feathers.

    Tail Feathers- feathers on the tail.

    Fluff- by the scaly part of the legs, very soft and downy-like feathers.

    Leg- a thingy the chicken uses to walk.

    Claw-what hey use to scratch with.

    Shank- the upper part of the leg.

    Spur-A claw that is used when male cocks fight.

    Toe- well... a toe!

    Hock- kind of like a knee but on a chicken.

    Wing Bar- the middle part of the wing.

    Wing Bow- The tip of the wing.

    Breast- a well known thing to eat.

    Hackle-part of the neck.

    Wattle- The fleshy part of the chicken that is located under the beak.

    Beak- a thing used to peck and eat.

    And that's the anatomy of your chicken!!! PM me if you have any questions!


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  1. Mountain Peeps
  2. Book Em Danno25
    I know... more where that came from later on!!! working on a new article on why chickens need grit.
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  4. N F C
    Thanks Turkenstein25 for the labeled diagram. Loved this "Eye- Well.. DUH!!!".

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