Chicken attacked by a dog.

By pikefarm · Apr 14, 2014 · ·
  1. pikefarm
    I have four pan fryer roosters, and I let them run our property, when the weather is nice. On Saturday, 4/12/14, a woman was walking with her dog, and as she passed our home, she grabbed the collar and walked the dog past our home. She had a bucket and the leash in her other hand. Then, three of my chickens come running and clucking loudly across the front yard. I went out and heard her yelling for her dog. I started hollering for her dog as well. The dog came around a fence and I told my husband to watch the dog, so I can go find the chicken that was missing. I found him by our dog pen with his tail feather almost gone. He had a raisin size cut on his back near his tail and his comb was a very dark, almost black red. I was very upset and told the woman that it is the law that all dogs must be on a leash at all times. Now the rear of the chicken is swollen and red around the rectum. I have put antibiotic ointment on the opening and on some scratches. I placed him in a small horse trailer and separated him from the others.

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  1. evesaddiction
    Make sure there are no puncture wounds. It is not uncommon to develope sepsis from the bacteria in the dogs mouth. I has this happen and had to euthanize a cat. Keep the area of the laceration very clean. I am so sorry, I love animals all of them but I swear some people forget that there comes a certain responsibility from owning them. And if there is a leash law is should be followed. Since owning chickens I have also found how much people don't view them as an animal of value or pet. sure hope the woman feels bad, but 9 times out of 10 your chicken was in the way. Perhaps you can ask her to pay your vet exam ? Is would be the right thing to do on her end. At least offer. Good luck poor baby rump!
  2. crazyfeathers
    So sorry, best of luck on your chickens recovery.

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