Hi! I live in southern CT and have 15 chickens. A white crested black polish named Hope, a bearded white polish named Iggy, a crevecoer named Jet, a buff orpington named KFC, an easter egger named Louise, a bantam buff cochin named Bird, a belgian bearded d'anver quail named Olive, a dark brahma named Helen, a black old english game bantam named Rosarita, and 6 white leghorns. I go to many shows with my 4-H club, the Chicken Chasers.
Here are some shows that I go to:
CTPBS Show (Chester, CT)
Guilford Fair (Guilford, CT)
Chester Fair (Chester, CT)
4-H Fair (Durham, CT)
North-Eastern Poultry Congress (Springfield, MA)
Some piccies of my chickies :)