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By dustymar · Mar 11, 2012 · Updated Mar 19, 2012 · ·
  1. dustymar
    We built our coop with kitchen cabinet doors from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This gives us the flexibility to open or close any doors for ventilation or wind. The base of the house is leftover metal braces from our garden shed. On top of that goes a leftover piece of cement board from a kitchen project. The cement board can slide out under the laying box if we need to clean it.
    We bought a 8' x 3" post from the Habitat ReStore and made interior and exterior roosts.
    We've blocked off the laying boxes temporarily until the girls are ready (they're 7 weeks now).
    We also incorporated our compost bin into the coop design to give the girls the opportunity to snack on kitchen scraps and/or bugs (yum!!). There's an exterior door to the compost bin and another exterior door to get into the coop.
    We thought we'd dog-proofed the coop pretty well by adding the pickets to the entire exterior ... our dog Lily seemed content to lie in front of the pickets watching the chickens for hours on end (chicken TV!). Well, that was fine until the day that it wasn't. For some reason Lily got it into her head to dig under the coop. We're not sure if she scooped out a chicken or if the chicken went out through the hole -- anyway, Paul was in his office when he heard a commotion outside and saw Lily with our chicken Spot. By the time he got outside, Spot was gone.
    So now we're taking a few precautions: dogs cannot be outside unless we're out with them or the girls are locked inside the chicken house. I've planted bulbs and snow peas in front of the pickets, then laid down critter net. On top of that I laid down chicken wire extending three feet out from the pickets. I also put chicken wire around the side. There isn't a safeguard at the two doors (people door and
    compost door), so we're not taking any chances and keeping the dogs inside unles
    s we can supervis
    e them.

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    "Original concept"
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    "Door coop"
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    Interesting way to build!


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  1. birdbrain1948
  2. LoveChickens123
    love it so sweet
  3. ashleeliza
    LOVE THIS!!!! Using doors is so helpful. I worried about having too much ventilation when we used old closet doors for 2 walls of our coop but having the open/close option is immensely helpful. Very creative :) Keep it up!
  4. judyki2004
    how cool is that!
  5. anbsmom
    very clever name!
  6. dustymar
    Thanks judiki2004! Yes, after going to a "Tour de Coop" last fall, I got some good ideas and one of them was to build the coop around the compost bin. It gives the girls the opportunity to munch on some tasty bugs and greens and when I scoop out their house I just dump it into the bin. We're very happy with how everything is working out, especially the kitchen cabinet doors which we can open or close for ventilation or warmth.
  7. judyki2004
    Love iT! Very colorful & neat!... Is that a compost bin inside the run???
  8. chickification
    At first when I saw it I was like hmm... But you really made it work
  9. elevan
    Wonderful idea! I love it!
  10. Nifty-Chicken
    Wow, what an excellent idea, and very nice to look at with the great colors and recycled cabinet doors!
  11. joan1708
    very nice coop!

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