I am a professional photographer, writer, mother to two beautiful daughters ages 10 & 11, 6 dogs (2 chihuahuas, 1 chow/olde english sheepdog mix, 1 lab mix, 1 grumpy rescued pomeranian, and 1 chocolate mini daschaund that thinks he is a chihuaua), 16 cats (4 are senior citizens & a bunch are kittens we found over the Spring and Summer of '09), 1 senior citizen cockatiel, , & 2 elderly ferrets. I moved from the Chicago area in Spring of '08 down to West Central Indiana so that I would have a better and safer place to raise my children. We live in a very rural community and there are only 50 people here in our little town. Two of our neighbors own chickens and I used to have a rooster named Cocoa that my childrens' father brought home one afternoon as a tiny fluffy chick about 6 or 7 years ago on a whim and I raised him hoping it would be a hen, but no, Cocoa turned out to be a rooster, and even though he was handled constantly, he was NOT a nice rooster. When he was about 4 months old I was forced to rehome him before my neighbors heard him crowing. I miss that little booger, even if he wasn't a nice guy. I still don't know what kind he was, but he gave me some experience and when we moved out here my mom suggested I get my girls into 4-H, so in 2009 I did. I knew I wanted chickens again some day, and now seemed as good a time as any, and so I researched the different breeds, asked some people what their opinions were, and then I placed my order. I decided on bantam cochins and silkies, and I ordered four different types of cochins. I ordered splash, birchen, barred and partridge. I ordered white silkies too. For both egg laying and show I ordered silver laced wyandottes. My original order was for 5 each (straight run as it was my only option) of the cochin varieties and the silkies, and 5 wyandotte pullets. What I got was 6 partridge cochins, 6 splash cochins, 6 barred, 5 silkies, and 6 wyandottes. The day after my chicks first arrived I made a trip to TSC for supplies, and well, they had gotten in their chicks, and I bought their minimum amount of 6. I got their last 3 bantams and 3 amber sex links for egg laying. Two of the bantams died and they were iffy when I bought them so the store manager gave me permission to come back and get two replacement chicks when their new chicks came in, so a week later when they came in I went back. Well, now they had ducklings in and I wanted a couple of those too, so I took my 2 free chicks plus I got 4 more bantams and the two ducks. Of the 6 new bantam chicks I ended up with a silver duckwing OEGB (Died after 1 day) an unidentified black chick (Died after 2 days), a buff silkie (Died after 1 day), a black silkie mix chick, a golden laced OEGB, and a d'Uccle-Mille Fleur. The one surviving bantam chick from my first trip to TSC turned out, to my delight, to be a golden sebright.
It's funny how chickens come and go, whether they it's because you sell them, or because they cross over into God's hands. The number, and kinds of chickens I have is always changing. I will have to create a sales page dedicated strictly to the sale of what I breed. But I know one thing for sure, I love chickens, and I hope to be owned by them for many years to come!