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By Heather J · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Heather J
    After seeing all of the fab coops on this site, and getting the silkie bug (oh, are those cochins, maybe I want some too, and ooh, I think I'm gonna have to have some...fill in the blank) we decided to build a second coop, which of course, morphed from a little $100-150 space for birds that we would attach to the current run, to a chicken condo with it's own run (although it will be adjacent since that will cut down on work and $$$).
    First dh said he wanted a cement floor. About now I'm thinking if we're going to go all out with cement, maybe I ought to have somewhere to put their food, and maybe my outdoor tools (rakes, shovels, etc, which are currently sitting out in the weather because of lack of space). So my little coop became an 8x12 building.
    First we had to wait for someone to come pour the cement foundation. Here is my dh preparing the wood for the base of the walls. [​IMG]
    Since neither dh nor I had ever built anything like this, we had a friend come help us build the walls on the driveway, then we brought them around to the back. We built the side walls on the cement foundation because it was a big enough space.
    Our friend James came back along with dh's brother Owen and they helped us raise the walls. The side facing the camera is actually the back of the coop, or rather, the side opposite the human door. You can see the three pop doors have been framed in along the bottom. I also have a window framed in for each wall.
    After ten days of nothing because of our crazy work schedules, dh and I were able to get some more work done today. his brother came back to help again. Here they are putting up the rafters. We cut one, then checked to make sure it fit right. When it did, we made all the rest to match--which means, of course, that they all had to be modified because I seem to have made some kind of mistake when I was marking them. We also put braces between the rafters. We have a number of hardware items we bought to attach these to the frame, but haven't needed any, I might take them back to buy wood for another hutch I'm building for our rabbit soon.
    I'm so grateful my dad let us use his nail gun or this would have been the coop build from . . . er a really hot place, like Albequerque. Here they have finished the rafters.
    Finally we were able to install the front , er, back window, and the three sheets of OSB paneling across the bottom of that side. Here they have one installed, and the other two cut to fit, but had to install the window first. We picked up the windows used at a glass place for $8 each. They are a bit cloudy, but I figure they open and close, and I can paint something fun on them to hide the cloudiness. They are also double paned--which is better than I have in my house!
    Dh is the one on the left, he burns after about ten minutes in the sun, so he often wears a hand towel under a hat to protect his neck when he works in the yard. His brother also burns moderately easily, so he finally pulled his hood up--either that or he realized I was turning on the camera.

    That's it for now, but I'm hoping to add a whole lot really soon. Our new chicks arrive the end of next week and I don't mind having one inside, but two dozen is another thing all together.

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