Chicken Coop 2000z
I started construction on this coop while I had some silkie eggs cooking in the incubator. It was made of mostly salvaged and scrap materials from my yard and my neighbor's yard. I only spent about $40 for 2 sheets of plywood and the hardware. The coop is about 3 ft deep and 11 ft wide. These dimensions came from the size of the roof. A roost runs the length of the coop, providing plenty of roosting space. Nesting boxes protrude from each end and are accessed from the outside. There is a door for chicken access in middle front with a ladder to go up and down on. 2 large doors on the front made of 1X2 frames with hardware cloth provide access to clean out the coop and get to the food and water inside. These doors also have plywood panels that slide into place in front of the hardware cloth for when it is cold. I love this coop!!! It is so easy to clean and provides plenty of room considering its small size. I already have plans to make another one (haven't even painted this one yet.) Right now it is serving as a brooder for my silkies, but I need to hurry and build them a pen because they are getting big!!
019.jpg The frame was made out of short leftover 4X4 posts, plywood scraps, and 2X4X12s leftover from my shed.
The frame from the side angle, with the roof to be on the ground 020.jpg
009-1.jpg With roof and nesting boxes added 013.jpg
010-1.jpg I was not happy with the back. I originally made it with some hardware cloth on the ends for added ventilation. I have since boarded up the back. There is plenty of ventilation from the front. Next time I will make it solid.
Up close pic of nesting box from inside. 014.jpg
017.jpg The front with the chicken door 018.jpg
099.jpg Finished except for painting. This shows the doors with the plywood panel pull partially out on each side.
Up close of one of the doors. They swing open on hinges. 100.jpg
101.jpg Acting as a brooder for my pretty silkie chicks 108.jpg