Chicken Coop 2011 Part 3

By LiLRedCV · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LiLRedCV
    Our weather is back to gray skies and rain this weekend. Has us bummed... So we're working on the interior of the coops since the exterior is too cold and wet for painting or standing outside working on creating doors to the nests.

    This is the wall where the 12 nests are going to be on the north wall... there's the front half of the nest frame in this picture. The bottom half will be where we will be the baby chicks. On the top half of the nests will be cabinets so I can store supplies when not in need (chick feeders, chick waterers, etc) There will be 3 doors opening to the exterior for easy egg extraction. [​IMG]
    Just to the right of the back wall stud will be the chicken door (east wall), but I posted this so you can see how much NATURAL light the flock will have due to the corrugated clear panels on the roof. Don't worry.. the panels are properly braced to support potential snow!

    The roosting bar has been made and will be added to the south wall of the coop. It will be fixed so it can be raised up for easy cleaning underneath.

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